Vaporfection Headed to 2011 Connoisseur Kulture Wholesale Expo

Vaporfection is heading to the city that’s ‘Always Turned On.’ Atlantic City, New Jersey is home to the 2011 annual Connoisseur Kulture (CK) Wholesale Expo. The CK Expo is the largest trade show of its kind. Artists, designers and scientists from around the world come to showcase the newest and hottest products and vaporization technology available on the market today. Jason Harris, celebrity founder of the CK Wholesale Expo, prides himself on inspiring and pushing the industry’s boundaries.

We are pleased to be part of this modern underground revolution the week of October 11, 2011. Our Vapor Touch™, Vapor Sense™ and Vapor Glass™ technologies are unique to our industry and only available via Vaporfection. The viVape™ and miVape™ are ‘Cleaner, Healthier, Smarter’ vaporizers that are here to fuel the industry’s needs.

Where can you find us? It’s simple. We are located in booth #204 and #206. Our unique trade show display will showcase 12 of our revolutionary viVape units.