How To Choose A Vape Pen

In 2018 vape pens are numerous and varied. This guide will go through the main things to think of and consider when looking to choose a vape pen.

Firstly: What actually is a vape pen?
A vape pen is a technical replacement for more traditional ways of smoking tobacco. They have all the usual benefits of smoking with hardly any of the drawbacks — one vape pen lasts for the equivalent of thousands of cigarettes, is slim, portable, rechargeable and significantly cheaper. There are thousands of different types of vape pen available to the consumer these days and the technology is very mature which means prices are extremely low whilst build quality is high. Let’s talk about some of the differences in vape pen.

Beginner vape pen
These are normally at the lower end of the market and represent a good value when you are looking to see if a vape pen is for you. They will often come in a kit which includes e-liquid (the nicotine substance that you fill your vape pen with, making it like a cigarette). Using previous customer reviews on online shopping sites can give help when deciding which brand and model to go for, in this instance.

Heavy usage vape pen
If you are looking to make the transition between other types of tobacco usage and a vape pen then it’s a good idea to look at investing in a heavy duty model of vape pen. These will normally be mid-range to high range in terms of price and will have updated features that make them congruent with the increased usage that is expected of them. Features such as a larger battery which is rated at more charging cycles (the number of times you can recharge a battery before it runs down and becomes unusable), larger e-liquid reservoirs to handled increased usage and built out of more hardy materials, are to be expected and indeed looked for. Other features that can give you extreme personalization of your vaping experience are voltage controls (to control the amount of e-liquid that is vaporized), temperature controls which can be adjusted for taste etc.

It’s recommended to dip your toes in the water first to see if vaping is for you. Once you have a good idea that you wish to continue with it, try out some more advanced models to really see what is available for you!