The New World of Vaporfection

Founded in 2003, Vaporfection has conducted extensive research on herbal vaporizers and perfected vapor delivery technology. Using a smart design approach and the best parts available, Vaporfection’s vaporizers are guaranteed to give their customers years of smoke-free, great tasting vapor. Vaporfection is quickly raising the bar for the herbal delivery industry by using the most advanced technology on the market. Once you see their products, you’ll think you’re looking at a tablet computer.

Vaporfection herbal vaporizers (vapor delivery systems) are designed to provide an excellent alternative to smoking. Vaporizers utilize a method of heating tobacco and/or other herbal plant material at a level well-below the point of combustion.

Cutting out the combustion process, vaporizers pass hot air through the plant material, substantially reducing, maybe even eliminating harmful effects such as the inhalation of carbon monoxide, tar, noxious gas and other carcinogens. Vaporizers produce pure vapor, eliminating harsh and harmful smoke while protecting one’s throat and lungs.

Vaporfection prides itself on having the most technologically advanced vaporizers on the market. The viVape (tabletop vaporizer) and the miVape (portable vaporizer) are equipped with Vapor Touch technology, the only ones in the industry to offer their customers both wand and balloon delivery methods, all in one vaporizer.

Their units are also equipped with Vapor Glass technology, featuring a glass-on-glass heating element paired with a glass heating chamber. Unlike other vaporizers that use a light bulb as their heating element, Vaporfection’s heating element consists of true glass-on-glass technology. The glass heating chambers found in their vaporizers house the perfectly centered Vapor Glass heating element, thus allowing for an evenly distributed airflow around the heating element. Since Vaporfection uses glass technology as opposed to plastic, the quality of vaporization is completely pure with no risk of inhaling plastic particles, unlike other vaporizers. Vaporfection’s units boast an incredibly fast startup and warmup time and feature a glowing LED glass-heating chamber to let you know you’ve reached your desired temperature, with the ability to select one’s target temperature at the touch of a button.

At Vaporfection, they’re always thinking of new ways to improve herbal delivery via vaporizing, which is why they added Vapor Sense to their vaporizers. This means your vaporizer is equipped with automatic temperature-sensing technology, featuring a digital micro-processor temperature controller directly wired to a thermo-coupling temperature sensor. The result is a far superior, unadulterated vapor delivery system, especially coupled with their lead-free vapor cooling fan.

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