Operating Video

Need help operating our units? We’ve got you covered. This is where you’ll find informative videos and helpful advice regarding the viVape and miVape.

To the right you’ll find a PDF of our viVape Operating Manual, while the video demonstration can be found below.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us by visiting our Support page.

Instructions for Setup

• Slide the sleeve off box and move the protective clear cover.
• Remove viVape from nest and take off the shipping bag.
• Remove plastic tray to see the lower storage tray with the attachments.
• Take out power cord and plug into electrical receptacle.
• Once viVape illuminates, press the “On” button, which will bring you to the timer screen.
• On the timer screen, you can set your default shut off time using the “+” or “-“ buttons.
• Press “Set”.
• Then, choose your preferred method of vaporizing (wand/whip or bag/balloon method).

Wand/whip method:

• Slide tube/safety cover over tubing.
• Use tubing to connect the mouthpiece and glass herbal container.
• Moisten glass pieces for insertion.
• Place screen on top of the container and use stir stick to push it in past the three glass prongs inside.
• Slide heat guard over joint between the tubing and container/whip.
• Inhale from mouth piece to create suction to load material into chamber.
• Insert whip’s ground joint into heating chamber.
• Inhale slowly and deeply for 8 to 10 seconds. Repeat until you get the desired vapor experience.
• Remove container from heating chamber between inhalations.
• You can adjust temperature. Decreasing temperature weakens vapor and increasing strengthens it.

Instructions on changing temperature:

• To change temperature, select which temp you want to change: wand or bag.
• Touch temperature area before the off button, select Fahrenheit or Celsius and change temperature with “+” or “ – “ buttons.
• Press set when desired temp is picked.
• Use stir stick to loosen material.
• Remove whip when you are done smoking and press off button. Do not unplug from wall when it says “Cooling down, do not unplug”.
• When whip is removed, discard particles by blowing through mouth piece into a waste container. Do not blow mouth piece while it is connected to the heating chamber.

Bag/balloon method:

• Attach the valve to enclosed bag and secure with a tie rack.
• Push the green side of the valve to open the bag and the red side to close it.
• Insert glass whip into silicone tubing.
• Load material into whip using suction side of tubing.
• Press bag balloon setting on the viVape display.
• Moisten tip of valve and insert into tubing.
• Open bag by pressing green button.
• Once your desired temperature is set, insert loaded whip into heating chamber.
• Wait for bag to fill (1 ½ minutes).
• Close valve when bag is full (red button).
• Remove whip from heating chamber.
• Remove whip and hose from bag.
• Use inlet portion of valve to inhale vapor from the bag and push the green side to push the vapor from the bag.

Contact support@vaporfection.com or call (1-866) 997-6111 if you experience any difficulties with your product.

viVape Manuals

Download our manual to view important information regarding the usage and operation of your viVape. Operating manual includes safety and use tips.