At Vaporfection, we’re committed to providing high tech solutions to enhance the vaporization experience.  We invest in technology that is not only healthy and safe, it’s technology that re-imagines the process of vaporization for a unique experience packed with flavor.

Learn more about our patented technology in our product lines below.


True Convection Heating

In order to vaporize using convection heating, air must be heated to the point where it’s hot enough to create vapor, but cool enough so that combustion or burning doesn’t occur. The miVape is equipped with a unique, patented all quartz crystal heating chamber and airpath that super-heats the air while it travels through to the quartz cup that holds your herbs.

That means no direct heat is coming in contact with your herbs, leaving nothing but sweet aromas and amazing flavor to be enjoyed.

Check out the video below to learn how the miVape’s heat engine works.



Dual Method Delivery

The viVape 2™ vaporizer offers both bag and wand delivery methods in the same vaporizer, resulting in the quietest and fastest delivery in the industry. Everyone has their preferences, so we prefer to leave the herbal delivery method up to you.

Vapor Touch™

The viVape 2™ vaporizer features a user-friendly touchscreen control system and boasts an incredibly fast startup and cooldown times. The viVape 2™ also features a glowing LED glass heating chamber to let you know you’ve reached your desired temperature. Now you have the ability to select your target temperature, method of delivery and desired time of use at the touch of a button.

Vapor Sense™ Temperature Control

At Vaporfection, we’re always thinking of new ways to improve the herbal delivery experience, which is why we added Vapor Sense™ to the viVape 2™. The viVape 2™ is equipped with automatic temperature-sensing technology, featuring a digital microprocessor temperature controller directly wired to a thermo coupling temperature sensor. Our exclusive ‘set it and forget it’ feature is something our customers rave about; our vaporizers also have an auto shut-off and cool-down feature so you always have peace of mind while enjoying virtually odorless vapor. The viVape 2™ vaporizer can be used in any country in the world; it’s electrically compatible with 110/240 voltage for universal use.



Air is heated near the center of the unit, which then travels through a specially designed spiral vapor path and into the heat chamber. A quartz cup is attached to the mouthpiece, effectively suspending the cup in the heat chamber. When you inhale, the air passes through the glass spiral where it gets heated before entering the chamber. Hot air then passes through the holes in the cup, allowing it to pass through the herbal material. Vapor is then produced and goes through the mouthpiece where it’s split and then reconnects at the quartz mouthpiece before being inhaled.

Vaporfection viVape with whip & bag

viVape vaporizer touchscreen controls

Vapor Glass™

The viVape 2™ vaporizer is equipped with our patented Vapor Glass™ technology, featuring a laboratory-grade glass-on-glass heating element and laboratory-grade heating chamber which is designed to allow the heating element to be perfectly positioned for the most effective air/heat flow combination. This results in a far superior quality vapor and efficiency compared to other vaporizers. Unlike other vaporizers that use ceramics, metals and plastics, which can cause impurities, ours only consists of glass-on-glass technology, resulting in only the purest vapor experience possible.