Rick & Lena B.

Received our new ViVape. My wife and I love it. I have also been diagnosed with a severe illness, I won’t get into now, but the thing does wonders for my upset stomach that accompanies my medication.

My wife loves the new Vaporfection too, it helps so much with the side effects of her chemo, it has enhanced the quality of her life, much better than the perscription pain medication that left her unable to communicate, eat or function.

Your product, service and the caring people you are I can’t say enough about. I tell everyone In our circle of friends about your team and what you did for me and Lena and how good your product is. We brag about you guys, your product, and your company all the time. I am still shocked that there is still a company out there trying to do it the right way and has compassion. You guys are great.