Hugo B.

As a apprentice herbologist and vaporist enthusiast the viVape is the perfect device to test my herbal compounds and blends. The viVape gives me the control I need for the temperature right on spot in real time at a reach when I need it. Wheteher chamomile, st-john’s wort or hops, Vaporfection’s Vapor Sense technology make it easy to switch from large temperature difference in a glimpse. And I can count on the viVape for the cleanest vapor delivery making the taste of herbs the purest possible.

It’s Glass Herbal Container make it easy to mix and make sure every part of the material is exposed to the hot air flow. Making the mixing ritual a pleasure!

The wand/whip delivery makes it easy for small to large load making it very easy to control the right dose of medication. And the bag/balloon delivery making the viVape a remote vaporizer with the practical large balloon!

The viVape’s glass on glass makes it the purest and cleanest vaporizer on the market right now. The viVape’s vapor delivery is certainly the purest available making the viVape use a real experience for even the most experienced vaporist. It’s sexy and classy design is also making the viVape a device to expose proudly anywhere in the house.