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Rick & Lena B.

Received our new ViVape. My wife and I love it. I have also been diagnosed with a severe illness, I won’t get into now, but the thing does wonders for my upset stomach that accompanies my medication.

My wife loves the new Vaporfection too, it helps so much with the side effects of her chemo, it has enhanced the quality of her life, much better than the perscription pain medication that left her unable to communicate, eat or function.

Your product, service and the caring people you are I can’t say enough about. I tell everyone In our circle of friends about your team and what you did for me and Lena and how good your product is. We brag about you guys, your product, and your company all the time. I am still shocked that there is still a company out there trying to do it the right way and has compassion. You guys are great.

Chris W.

I am amazed wtih this vaporizer, the simplicity and it’s design are amazing. I own a Volcano, SSV, Magic Flight Box, Vapor Genie and a few other box vapes but this is far superior. Why? The vapor is clean and the bags are so much easier to set up and use than the Volcano even tasting more pure.

This is the more effective and efficient means of medicating and it really saves you money in the long run. I use my DBV glass vapor tamer on it and found it is compatible with many SSV and DBV glass, really amazing since you can even add a ice bong to it from SSV. Thanks guys.

Hugo B.

As a apprentice herbologist and vaporist enthusiast the viVape is the perfect device to test my herbal compounds and blends. The viVape gives me the control I need for the temperature right on spot in real time at a reach when I need it. Wheteher chamomile, st-john’s wort or hops, Vaporfection’s Vapor Sense technology make it easy to switch from large temperature difference in a glimpse. And I can count on the viVape for the cleanest vapor delivery making the taste of herbs the purest possible.

It’s Glass Herbal Container make it easy to mix and make sure every part of the material is exposed to the hot air flow. Making the mixing ritual a pleasure!

The wand/whip delivery makes it easy for small to large load making it very easy to control the right dose of medication. And the bag/balloon delivery making the viVape a remote vaporizer with the practical large balloon!

The viVape’s glass on glass makes it the purest and cleanest vaporizer on the market right now. The viVape’s vapor delivery is certainly the purest available making the viVape use a real experience for even the most experienced vaporist. It’s sexy and classy design is also making the viVape a device to expose proudly anywhere in the house.

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